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Signal Sleuth PCB

Signal Sleuth PCB

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***DISCLAMER This is not in stock and is just a backorder. I fully indented to start shipping these in the beginning of August... Follow me on Twitter/X and Instagram for Updates***

This is my revision of Joseph Hewitt's Wardriver with PCB mounted antennas and the BW16 5Ghz mod ready to go. This board was also designed around the battery board mentioned bellow. I will have a 3d printable case available before shipping. I will upload full instructions on building this before these will ship.

To complete this you will need: (Amazon links are affiliate)

  • Micro SD card; 16GB or less recommended
  • x2 ESP32-DevKitC V4 with ESP32-WROOM-32U
  • BW16-kit USB-C or USB-micro variants work.
  • ATGM336H GPS/GNSS module with antenna
  • Mini Micro SD Card reader/writer SPI
  • 0.91“128×32 i2c LCD 3.3v (optional, recommended)
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor with 4.7k resistor (both optional)
  • Plastic enclosure, at least 100x60x25mm* (3.94”x2.36“x0.98”)
  • 3x IPEX → PCB mounted SMA
  • 18650 4x battery shield
  • 3d printed case, spacers, or 11x3mm 3m standoffs
  • 2 pin Male and female header pins.
  • 3x WIFI antennas
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